Hello and thanks for stopping by my little corner of the interweb. My wine journey started several years ago, when I discovered the Viticulture and Oenology course at Lincoln University.

I had been considering a change of pace for some time, so I applied for a 'Change of Career' scholarship. I didn't know much about wine at the time, except that I enjoyed drinking it. I was drawn to the topics offered through the Graduate Diploma- winemaking, chemistry, microbiology, soil science, viticulture. It all seemed so much more tangible and practical than my first degree in communications and marketing. I was right.

During that year, my friend and I created a community for folk who make and appreciate wine. Winefolk was the name. We hosted a series of wine events at the most jaw-dropping vineyards and venues throughout NZ. We were able to learn more about New Zealand's wine industry, while at the same time meeting like-minded people. 

Bitten by the wine bug, I was hungry to learn how to make amazing wine. I spent three years travelling between the northern and southern hemispheres and completed four harvests. During this time, I developed a keen palate and appreciation of the winemaking process. Unfortunately, due to severe arthritis, I had to hang up the steel cap boots and hone out a new path on my wine journey. While living in Canada I accepted a job at Greystone Wines as Market Development Manager - a new role to develop and grow their brand, Wine Club and DTC channels. This role at Greystone has been foundational to my professional growth. I have a strong sense for knowing what type of marketing and promotion works in a particular market and has the best direct return on investment.

I'm a serious foodie who loves playing with different wine and food matches. Farm-to-table may be a trendy phrase these days, but I am unashamedly hooked on the hype. I have previously collaborated with local chef, Alex Davies, on numerous events as well as helped create wine lists for events.

When I'm not eating or drinking, you'll find me running, reading or hiking in the mountains.