Winefolk x Mama Hooch feat. Gracie Hall!!

This is a special Winefolk post indeed! We are pleased as punch to welcome Gracie Hall to our Winefolk posse/keerew/family. Gracie is best known for her Christchurch-based contributions to the amazing online city guide, Neat Places. Her style of writing is a unique mix of quirk, humour and incredible perceptiveness. Gracie will be swinging by Winefolk from time to time to give you the low-down on events and profiles on New Zealand's most interesting wine peeps. Like most of us, Gracie is jumping on-board because she has a thirst to learn more about wine without the confusing wine jibberjabber. We think you'll enjoy her refreshing take on wine (that's the last beverage pun, I promise...).

Check out Gracie's write-up of our latest event at Mama Hooch here. A big thanks again to the wonderful Naomi Haussmann for photographing the event. Captured perfectly as always.