Chef Alex Davies: Another way of looking at food and wine matches

Recently my philosophy of food and approach to cuisine changed. I grew up experiencing a fairly typical modern western diet. Ham sandwiches for school lunch and fast food to celebrate school holidays. However, my mum introduced us to organics from an early age and the impact it had has stayed with me. Recognising the origins and methods of food production became central to my philosophy, as was honouring the animal by eating it nose to tail. However, eating meat weighed heavy on me and felt inherently wrong. I spoke about sustainability yet felt I wasn’t doing enough. I began to research sustainable food practices. Our earth and its climate are in crisis. By reducing our meat consumption,particularly in high resource countries like New Zealand, we can notably reduce our carbon footprint with little sacrifice. 

Which leads us to the latest section of Winefolk and where we are at. I am not saying “don’t eat meat”, I just want to encourage others to eat less meat and appreciate the joys that can be found in vegetables. Through the recipes and wine matches provided, I am hopeful that it may encourage you to cook more of them, inspire you to think more about where your food is coming from and to make a vegetable based meal into a celebration. Who knows, this in turn may lead you to a more sustained action regarding your food and eating habits. 

The recipes on these pages should serve as guidelines, and act as inspiration. I actively encourage you to change and alter them as you see fit. The recipes are simple and rely on organic ingredients. When using a recipe you should purchase the highest quality ingredients that you can afford from farmers markets. Included on the site is a list of farmers markets and their opening times in Christchurch. I hope to add to this list over time so people from all over the country are aware of farmers markets in their own regions, please let me know so I can add to the ever expanding list. 

Please purchase ethically and purchase well, your body and your environment will thank you for it! 

Lastly food and wine matching is totally subjective. Whilst I have tried my best to match the dishes to specific wines, I recognise that the matches may not suit your taste. This is fine as the end goal ultimately is that we all sit down, drink dine and talk together, one of the finest and simplest pleasures in life. I hope you enjoy the bi- weekly recipes and if you have any queries do not hesitate to email me. 

The world is changing and so must we. Eating less meat and a making a shift to a vegetable driven diet is not just a trend, it is a necessity. Enjoy with wine and good people.