Happy Friday, Folks!

It goes without saying that there is far more to wine than meets the eye. As we learn more about wine we constantly realise and appreciate the depth and breadth of the talented people working within the wine industry. Subconsciously we know that behind the scenes there are people working hard to produce better grapes and wine. We want to share their stories and celebrate their contribution to the great wine they make possible.

Today we want to share with you an interview we did with Dr Glen Creasy. Glen is a man of many hats and talents: University lecturer, co-winemaker, mentor, researcher and consultant-- not to mention husband and father. 

He has spent much of his career mastering the art of growing exceptional grapes and has taught many of New Zealand’s greatest viticulturists and winemakers. It is his emphasis on education, research and passion for producing better quality grapes in cool climate that really struck a chord with us.