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End of Summer Roasted Marrows with Green Tomatoes and Cheese

By Chef Alex Davies


I was recently driving out to the organic vegetable farm where I help out, when I really noticed a change in the air. The sky was grey, it drizzled over the landscape and the yellow trees threw their leaves out across the Canterbury plains. Mushrooms were popping up here, there and everywhere. The weekend before we had enjoyed the glorious warmth of late summer sunshine, but the chill in the air made it clear that winter was coming.

The day's task was to clear the tomato and courgette patch, another reminder that winter was on its way, and that the abundance and freshness of summer was over. We cleared the patch so that winter greens and coriander could grow in their place. As we removed plants, we took what was left of the tomatoes, green tomatoes, ones that have never ripened and ones that will never see red. I also harvested what remained of the courgettes that were now glorious full blown marrows. Lorraine and I took our share of what was left before removing the plants to convert into compost for future plant growth and also chicken feed. This dish that follows is how I have interpreted that day and the last of summer's abundance.

Your local growers should be able to find you marrows or green tomatoes but their time frame is limited so enquire quickly!


3 Medium size Marrows. 


1kg Green Tomatoes. 

1 Leek.

1 Bulb garlic.

5 Tbspns Coriander Seed.

1 Bunch Parsley.

1 Cup Bread Crumbs.

200g O.M.G Brie (Canterbury Cheese Mongers)


Olive Oil (Preferebly Akaroa)

Run your marrow in oil and generously season with salt. Roast the Marrows at 180 degree C until just giving to the touch, this should take about 40 minutes depending on the size.

Whilst the marrow roasts, place the Green tomatoes in a blender or alternativley dice by hand if you have the time for a better texture.

Next dice your leek and garlic, cook on a low temperature in olive oil until they are translucent and smelling amazing.

Toast coriander seeds until aromatic and lightly browned, crush into a powder in a motar and pestle.

Once translucent and smelling as only leeks and garlic can, add your ground coriander seed.

Next add the green tomatoes and cook until the liquid has come out and it is beginning to thicken, it should take 15 - 20 minutes, season liberally with salt.

Once your sauce is made and your marrow roasted, cut the marrow straight down the middle and scoop out the seeds with a desert spoon. The seeds can be reserved for tomorrows sandwiches or an extra addition to a soup.

Put cheese and bread crumbs into a blender to make a cheesey bready mix.

Fill the void with your green tomato sauce and and put cheese crumble over the top. Drizzle with olive oil and bake in the grill section of the oven until brown and blacked around the edges.

Feeds 4.

Wine match: Burn Cottage Gruner Veltliner/Riesling 2014


Nose: Cinnamon, green leaves, herby, peach, lime. Super complex, lots of layers. Opens up a lot more with warmth and oxygen. Palate: Delicate, acid is very much there in the mid palate but finishes beautifully. Bounces between fruit and acid. Wholesome, round and quenching without being overly rich. 

With the meal: The wine softens tremendously but still has a citrusy edge. The fleshy texture of the squash and the freshness of the wine are a harmonious match. The hint of cheese and chilli are also well paired with the zesty nature of the wine.