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Winefolk events are fun, relaxed and can be set up almost anywhere. While wine may be our focus, the sole purpose of our events is to bring people together and have a good time. 

All events are organised and led by a Winefolk host who ensures each event simultaneously educates and entertains. Above all, we keep it real and avoid the dry schtick. 

We think wine is best served and enjoyed with food, which is why we work with one of New Zealand's best chefs, Alex Davies. Alex harvests ingredients from local producers to create delicious, seasonally-inspired, dishes to match the wines we have on show. With Alex's culinary genius we are able to offer feasting or canapĂ© options.

What's the difference? The feasting approach enhances the sense of occasion and brings large groups of people together, while the canapĂ©s enhance a more formal occasion. All menus are subject to change, due to seasonality or availability. Menus will be charged per head, and requirements will be discussed on request.

We believe that collaboration inspires ultimate creativity and the best events. As soon as you touch base we will organise a time to get together to discuss the format that will fit your group best. We are able to adapt to any occasion and venue. Here are a few event ideas to start the ball rolling:

Blind tastings

Blind tasting events are a great way to level the playing field and take people through a visceral experience that challenges their sense and perceptions. 

We get your group in teams of two and present 4-5 unknown wines for them to correctly identify the variety, vintage and region. Each duo will use our custom-made tasting grids to navigate their way through components of the wine such as colour, aroma acidity, sugar, oak and tannins. 

Tastings take approximately 2 hours, but this depends on the number of wines in the tasting and the amount of time allocated for a mingle interval. Best for groups of 8+.

Meet the Maker

New Zealand winemakers are incredible characters who have the most extraordinary stories. At the event they will present 4-5 of their wines and share stories of adventures and wine. 

Your Winefolk host will MC the evening to ensure casual and fun interactivity. This event caters to groups of more than 15 and can be set against the backdrop of the winery or vineyard.

All events include:

- A Winefolk host

- A Winefolk photographer

- Winefolk tasting guides, notebooks and pencils

- Winefolk gift packs can also be made up to include our t-shirts and tote bags

Our events are bespoke and require individual pricing. Please send us a message and we'll get in touch with to discuss your event.

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